Not a "Cookie Cutter Coach"

"I became more aware of what I needed in my life to change. My awareness changed of how I was operating vs. what needed to change as a result of not being aligned with my values. I have become more content and grateful with where I am at now. You transitioned from being the "cookie cutter" coach to being more free & easy and listening to what I wanted to talk about I didn't realize that where I was headed was not where I needed to be going. Being content and grateful is more important than being busy and making more money." 

- Mel Brown

 My job is to assist you to make choices that are in alignment with what's most important to YOU.
Sometimes we want big results fast and we imagine that means pushing ourselves as far and fast as we can go. We often set ourselves up for failure that way. Turns out the opposite is often more effective. 
Slow and steady, consistent follow through is what gets results.

30 day Jumpstart Package

When you are in touch with your personal power, you feel unstoppable, you make crystal clear decisions, you feel focused, creative, patient, loving and in tune with your own body.


One of the things I would love for you to get from our work together is tuning into your own intuition.


This is a place where you feel aligned in every aspect of your life, where you feed yourself high energy foods because to do anything else wouldn't make sense, this is really an opportunity to live in the highest experience of life, of aliveness that you can have!


Now this will take practice, so we will start with a new paradigm: focusing on what you get to eat vs. what you don't.

You get to feed yourself healthy, nourishing high vibe foods.

Healthy eating has become so sophisticated. We're not talking about eating tree bark or bland, boring foods. We're talking about healthy foods that taste great and give you an abundance of energy. There are so many choices for making healthy food flavorful. 

Image by Brooke Lark

60 day Advanced Package

We’ll talk about any obstacles or challenges that you may be coming up against. Any fears that are surfacing. Any doubts that you may have in the back of your mind (I'm not good enough, this is too hard, maybe I can't handle this after all).


This is where transformation really happens. We bring to light the places where you previously would get stuck or derailed and find the tools for you to make conscious, positive choices rather than dysfunctional, destructive ones.


You deserve to relax, you deserve to have adventures, you deserve sweetness in your life...did you know that when you are relaxed, you burn more fat?!  But when you are stressed, you accumulate it?


Now, eating under stress is not only commonplace, it's socially acceptable and often a prerequisite for managing a job, a family or having a life. Now, you can eat the healthiest meal on the planet, but if you eat it in a stressed out, anxious state, your digestion is dramatically diminished.


Stress is the opposite of relaxation. When do we feel stress? Mostly when we're moving too fast. I will teach you an amazing way to destress in 10 minutes or less!


90 day Intensive Program

One Of the reasons I got into this work was the realization that I had been using food to numb out, escape or self soothe when I was dissatisfied with other areas of my life. It became a compulsion. I wasn't actually hungry for food, but I couldn't stop eating. Have you ever turned to food even though you weren't physically hungry?


Almost every human that I have talked to about this has at some point self medicated with food, meaning they were searching for something to be fulfilled and trying to fill that void or emptiness or anxiousness with food.


Here's the thing...there is a gift in this compulsion! Any compulsion we have is a powerful healing opportunity. It is the body trying to communicate  a need or desire, usually some place in our lives where we are under-expressed. The body pretty much tells us at all times exactly what we need. This is our innate wisdom. We just have forgotten how to listen for what we really want in that moment. So, anytime we are feeling anxious, bored, depressed, frustrated, or anytime we are feeling bad about ourselves, or judging our bodies, or even feeling pain and we’re reaching for food to self-medicate, it’s time to step back and listen.


What I’d like to do with you is decode that body wisdom together.


**When you sign up for this program, you will not only be receiving the 30 day and 60 day packages, but I will GIVE you my 21 Day Just for the Health of it Reset Challenge! This is a $300.00 value...for FREE!


21 Day Challenge

ATTN: To whom this may concern: Is food the boss in your relationship? Do you struggle with your body image?


I challenge you! I challenge you to say YES to you.


Say YES to loving your body where it’s at right now.


Say YES to feeling good about yourself.


Say YES to moving your body without having to pay for an expensive gym membership...annnnnd have fun doing it!


When you say yes and enroll with me for this 21 day challenge, you will receive a lifetime membership to my facebook group. In this group you will get one on one access to me and other members, it is full of like minded people looking for healthy ways to live their lives and fun ways to move their bodies.


My group is totally judgement's completely safe and supportive!!! My group has no limit to age, race or gender...if this resonates with you, I can help you.


You will also receive a link to my easy to follow cleanse booklet which is loaded with information on how to shop so you can restock your kitchen pantry with whole foods that make you feel great and more alive.


It also includes some helpful tips on how to pamper your body while it's going through this challenge, like dry brushing and belly massage to name a couple. There are yummy, healthy recipes (that actually taste good) in the booklet and also a sample meal plan if you want to push the easy button.


For your convenience, there is also an easy to follow daily schedule and checklist if you are someone who needs extra guidance. The booklet includes optional journal prompts to help you get to know what triggers your false hunger, (when you're not really hungry for food but yearning for some unrecognized, some unmet need.)


Awareness gives us more range to make empowered choices that support our best health. I challenge you to give yourself 21 days. To pay attention to you. To put yourself at the top of the list for a change. You are worth it. You deserve it.


What are you waiting for?


Message me today to enroll. Bring 3 for free!!! You bring 3 people with you, and once they are signed in and paid up, you get your enrollment for free!!!


Everybody has 3 friends...I spy with my little eye...who do you see?


Annette Hansen, Health Coach.