Meet Annette

Certified Health & Life Coach

The biggest challenge I faced when it came to Healthy Living & Nutrition was that (for a long time) it felt out of reach. 

To me, a proper health and nutrition plan is one that is ACCESSIBLE. No fancy plates and complicated recipes, but simple tricks for people on the go that don't break the bank.

There isn't a cleanse that I offer that I haven't done myself, and I am here to help you get through even the busiest of days while still being good to your body. 


My passion is to help people to overcome their fear of food. To love their bodies and themselves where they are at right now in their lives. To stop self-judgement and body shaming.


I feel fortunate to be able to meet my clients where they are in their lives right now and gently coach them with compassion and support to help them feel amazing about themselves.

- Annette  

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“The problem isn’t with your body,

The problem is what you think of it…

And what you think of yourself.”